My Cultural Experience is an immersive and interactive diversity training package that engages all your senses to educate, bond and inspire your team and workplace in a highly enjoyable way. The goal is about ensuring all companies are offered the opportunity to make positive change within the workplace through our packages. So why not celebrate Black History Month with My Cultural Experience? Secure our Sensory Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training package for your workplace today.

No longer will you need to sit for a day’s training with colleagues drained and bored. All of your senses will be activated as you participate in this truly immersive experience. So, see and learn as we talk you through a powerful and educational 45-minute presentation about Black Britain. Listen to cultural music and play games that will open your mind. Help your team learn and bond in a fun and enjoyable way and get to taste, touch and smell traditional African and Caribbean foods and products.

Founded by Justina and Max Lambert, a husband and wife duo who run a portfolio of successful businesses in Kent. The black entrepreneurs are also very involved In community leadership and run the DACC ‘Dartford African Caribbean Community’ which is a support group for black & mixed race people trying to navigate their way through life in Dartford, which has recently become more cosmopolitan.

Celebrate Black History Month in your workplace with My Cultural Experience.


A 45-minute downloadable presentation that will educate your team on Black Britain today.

Excellence Board Game: The Black Edition – A brilliant board game that educates players on black culture in a fun, playful, inclusive and enjoyable way.

A vegetarian graze box which includes traditional African and Caribbean food, drink and products (nut-free option also available).

Smells, sounds, sights and flavours to truly ignite the senses and provide your team with a fully immersive experience.

Educational Black History month posters, fact sheets and recipes that you can download and distribute across your workplace.

A statement of diversity to include in your annual reports, which shows staff and other stakeholders that you take diversity and inclusion seriously.


Each package caters for up to 12 members of your team. We can offer flexible packages with the number of graze boxes and games adjusted to accommodate larger workplaces and staff numbers.

The My Cultural Experience package will open dialogue and celebrates cultural differences in the workplace.

Helping businesses to champion diversity and highlight inclusivity in their organisations.

An interactive DEI package that creates a safe space for your staff to speak, listen, share, learn and inspire.

All of your senses will be activated as you participate in this truly immersive experience.

The programme is built on foundations of the most fundamental concepts in diversity training:

Inclusion – For us all to be included, we must see others as equals and take their values and culture seriously.

Respect – Having respect for each other’s values, and making it a responsibility to see through the eyes of others.

Responsibility – We must think before we act and consider the consequences of our actions – intended or otherwise.