My Cultural Experience Package

£299.00 + VAT

Indulge all 5 of your senses with our full diversity and inclusion training package. An immersive, interactive, educational and fun way to learn about black culture.



Each experience will cover up to 12 team members.

Included in your experience box is:

  1. A 45-minute PowerPoint presentation on Black Britain
  2. Excellence: The Black Edition board game
  3. Graze Box (Plantain Chips, Chin Chins, Jamaican Ginger Cake, Kola Nuts, Sorrel & Ginger Drinks, Exotic Fruit Juice, bottles of Supermalt, Cans of Ting and Ginger Beer, Coconut Water)
  4. Sensory Box (Traditional smelling incense, Ghanian Shea Butter body cream)
  5. Downloadable work sheets including posters, fun facts and quizzes.
  6. Statement of Diversity (can be added to annual reports)
  7. Discount for future purchases